mbb Maschinenbau Bogensberger GmbH & Co KG started in 1995 as Gerhard Bogensberger Maschinenbau-Lasertechnik. The production of tool plotters and CO2 laser cutting machines as well as the repair and the service of cnc tool machines were in the center of the operational activities at that time.

To meet the needs of components for machine production, cnc lathing and milling machines have been purchased since 1997. Gradually, also parts in job order production were manufactured. This led to the extension of machinery and the employment of additional staff.

After moving to the newly built and enlarged manufacturing plant Henndorf in 2001, mbb almost exclusively manufactured in job order production. The making of laser cutting machines ended in 2005.

Today, mbb employs 18 people and the prospects for further growth are quite satisfactory.